The all-season modular home farm

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Tiers with Self-Watering


Chemicals and Pesticides


Less Water


Less Attention


Cultivable Area

Unlimited fresh produce

Altifarm growlight for indoor use

  • Professional-grade robust LED Grow-lights with IP65 rating.
  • Fully automated, programmable and power efficient.
  • Selector switch for Vegetables or Fruits.
  • Easy height adjustment to follow plants as they grow.

Altifarm self-watering system

  • Inbuilt self-watering system on all tiers for automatic on-demand watering.
  • Consumes upto 80% less water and preserves nutrients from washing off.
  • Over-sized watering spout with reservoir level indicator.
  • Stores water for more than a week or more, does not require routine intervension.

breath fresh air

  • Oxygenation of roots through open air path between watering spout and overflow tube
  • Healthy, quick plant growth with tough and sturdy root system.
  • Minimal possibility of diseases and better pathogen protection.
  • Protective cover to prevent insect breeding

space saving by altifarm

  • Minimal footprint. Stows easily anywhere in the house.
  • Massive cultivatable area of 1m?. Grows almost everything.
  • Multiple vertical positions for all tiers (except lowest tier).
  • Easy height adjustment, takes less than a minute.

In the hustle/bustle of big city life, it's often difficult to find the right time and place to grow plants. For many, the idea of growing food at home might even seem ambitious. That's why we designed Altifarm - it has the space for all you want and the smarts to keep it going - even while you are away for a few days. Altifarm does all the heavy-lifting, so that you can sit back, relax and harvest when its ready.

Perfect for every house, engages everyone

Eat Fresh Homegrown Local Produce

Do you know that the loss of nutritive value of certain food items is more than 50%, from farm to table? Also that crop varieties are prioritized for shelf life and not for taste and nutrition?
When you grow your own food, it's as fresh as it can get. With local produce, your meals are always crisp, juicy and bursting with flavor. There's only joy, pride and delightful consumption with no chemicals, pesticides or GMO to worry about.

Meet the pack

Grow Light Expansion Pack

Gain full productivity, even if you don't have a sun-facing window or balcony, with the Grow Light Expansion Pack. This LED based system is preconfigured to easily retrofit any Altifarm and convert it into a productive ...

growlight for indoor gardening
altifarm protection pack against snow, hail-storm, sand-storm, freezing temperatures, excessive rain etc.

Greenhouse Expansion Pack

Protect your precious plants from the the elements using the Greenhouse Expansion pack. Easy to install and long-lasting, it provides limited protection against snow, hail-storm, sand-storm, freezing temperatures, excessive rain etc.

Mobility Expansion Pack

Move your Altifarm around the house. Move it to your balcony when there is sun. The Mobility Pack, brings a set of four wheels to replace the static feet, so that any one could easily relocate the Altifarm without removing the tiers.

Altifarm Mobility Pack to easily relocate the Altifarm


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